APSCO Super Power 5W-40 Full Synthetic SM/CF

General Details
Apsco Super Power Fully Synthetic 5W-40 is the most advanced performance synthetic engine oil designed to provide ultimate cleaning power, wear protection and overall performance. It exceeds the requirements of the leading industry and car manufacturers’ standards required for newer modern gasoline and diesel powered automobile engines.
Apsco Super Power Fully Synthetic 5W-40 is recommended for all types of modern vehicles, especially high-performance turbo-charged, supercharged gasoline and diesel multi-valve fuel injected engines found in passenger cars, SUVs, light vans and trucks.
Features and Benefits
Apsco Super Power Fully Synthetic 5W-40 is made with a blend of ultrahigh performance synthetic base stocks fortified with rich additive package. APSCO Fully Synthetic 5W-40’s wide viscosity range provides unsurpassed levels of protection, fuel savings and the best overall smooth driving experience. APSCO Fully Synthetic 5W-40 keeps engines starting in Arctic extreme cold and cleans deposits, sludge and varnish often formed in high temperature operating conditions.
Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Prevents deposits and sludge build-up to enable long and clean engine life

Active cleaning agents

Reduces oil ageing allowing extended drain interval protection

Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability

Low oil consumption less hydrocarbon pollution

Enhanced frictional properties Greater fuel economy

Quick cold weather starting and ultra-fast protection

Extended engine and electrical system life

Excellent low temperature capabilities

Excellent overall lubrication and wear protection performance for all driving styles and conditions

High Viscosity Index.

Typical Product Properties

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