General Details
APSCO MAX POWER Diesel 15W40 CF-4 is a premium quality multi grade automotive engine oil meeting obsolete, current and future engine oil performance level, particularly European and American standards. It is an ideal mixed fleet engine oil meeting API CF-4. The additive chemistry used in manufacturing APSCO Diesel CF-4 has proven its performance in the field. It also covers MB 228.0 & ACEA E2-96 (2007) APSCO MAX POWER Diesel 15W40 CF-4 can equally be used in gasoline vehicles and passenger cars requesting SF.
APSCO MAX POWER Diesel 15W40 CF-4 is specially design for heavy-duty diesel vehicles and passenger cars. Its long drain capability and it is recommended for both on highway and off-highway vehicles fitted with new engines for low emissions and old engines of conventional design fuelled by
low and high sulfur diesel fuels.
Typical Product Properties

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